Run against all your previous recorded workouts on the same track. Ain’t this fun?

Hands free

No need to do anything during workout. Run Practice will recognize the start and finish line automatically when running the second time on the same track.

Compare & Analyze

Compare and Analyze your workouts on or just watch your ghosts moving concurrently on Google Maps or even in Google Earth.

Export as GPX

Export as GPX file, including GPS points, altitude and accuracy of the GPS signal.

Live Ranking

No need to turn off display while running. Always see your current ranking, distance to the best ghost, distance to the next best ghost and to the ghost next behind you.

Playback on Device

Watch your run right after your workout on your phone. Different playback speeds up to 200x and even slow motion is possible.

Create new Track by doing your first run

Challenge yourself. Try to beat your previous runs. Have fun!

Compare and analyze

.. helps me stay motivated when running.
.. automatic start and stop tracking, what an amazing Idea.
.. I can analyze my training afterwards
.. I use Run Practice for running, biking, walking and in my car when I drive to work. The only running App you need …
This is THE app for active people all over the entire world